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Recent content by Aiden

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    kh2 got boring yet?

    I'm sayin doing everything is fun
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    first day you couldn't have done everything...
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    Still fun but not as dedicated anymore, and Some cutscenes I just skip (ie speroth after the millionth time) and no surprises anymore.
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    Final Fantasy versus XIII

    you guys think KH characters will make guest apperances in FF VS XIII I here it's gonna be a fighting game, ie why sora or somebody whould show up, but I may be wrong about said genre so don't flame.
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    last chest

    theres this weird chest in hallow bastion in the hallway where you have the heartless door(in the room where you first fight riku, and then you got to collect peices of the heartsless crest...) jup up next to the left pillar in that hallway and I saw a treasure chest but I can't get up there...
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    Sora's Dad

    does any body wonder about there parents in all this, and did sora's parents forget him with the whole COM incident. Do they hae brothers and sisters are there pictures of sora in his house. Does sora live on a deasert island (obviosly not think school uniforms.) Will sora have to go back to...
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    Sessphroth vs Sephohmarou

    sephroth vs sesshoumarou nough said nough said
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    Roxas vs Riku, just about all the things they changed

    alot of that was weird krypitic referance than acutual stuff like symbolism and there no saying mickey might not have been watching the fight just not in the scene
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    What Happened!?

    Roxas, and sora that is all I have to say
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    What Happened!?

    but some of that stuff was cool...
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    What Happened!?

    no I mean like roxas chaseing a heartless and it dissappers into a building, never happened in the actual game.
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    What Happened!?

    Has anyone wondered what happened to all the old trailers and pics of KH2, I mean nearly all of the scenes it showed wern't in the game. Was that just concept, something to confuse us, stuff they left on the "cuting room floor"! What The heck Happened!!!
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    Two new KH games

    I think the next installment in the series will be two games realeased rather closly together (like a year's differntial) on a prequel, and the othe a sequel (ie KH3, and KH zero, or somthing.) for those who say no sequel for KH3 the ending (non secret one) was open and cryptic enough for a...
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    So little time

    which character had too little stroy time in Kh2
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    Sora Kh3

    If theres a KH3 (dear god yes) will sora get a new costume, and go all dark and moody? Sometimes soras just to much of a goof for my tastes but he is still kick butt.