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  • Hm... Well, it is a big spoiler, so I guess you should, even though both of us know it. :d

    Sora was so calm in his reaction to that, he's a good guy. And I agree, Riku earned it. :3

    I should probably have bought some, too, would have saved me a ton of trouble. :p I wonder if it's the same one as Shiki's... :/ I can't wrap my mind around it.
    One must never forget how to have fun, because then life will be like a chore in and of itself. :>

    Riku was amazing in this game, he's come so far! :D I loved that battle! I kept dropping during boss fights, though. :c

    I've heard, I can't wait! I wonder who will be the main character in it. This new girl, I guess?
    Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai I missed you

    Haha, I've been busy, that's for sure! New school this year! And I'm also happy because I got to play KH3D! Have you played it yet? What have you been up to? owo
    It's no problem, I don't mind late responses. :p

    I adore art! :D I don't like... history, I think, too many names and dates to memorize.

    I'm doing great~ Just using my last free days to relax. And you?
    I’m sorry for taking a little bit to answer this, I’ve been away for the past week.

    Oh, I’m not much of one either… a good topic for conversation… What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about school?
    You're welcome!

    Oh, your title is assigned to you according to post count until you reach 1000 posts. After 1000 posts, you can change it to whatever you'd like. At first, everyone is a Nobody. I think Heartless comes after that, followed by Organization Member or Keyblade Wielder or Dual Wielder... You'll have to wait a bit, but you will be able to get a customized User Title, too. c:

    I'm happy to help out!
    I'm glad to hear that! If you have any questions, you can ask me and I'll be happy to help you if I can! Otherwise, we have a thread just for asking the Moderators questions.

    There are definitely a ton of great people on here, and I'm glad to meet one more. Welcome aboard.
    oh dear yes i have a new avatar basically every day hahahha. its a bad habit :D thank you though!
    well for sure dont pick up p4 because you will NEVER STOP PLAYING IT and you'll become me and shrivel up into a puddle of glitter and pudding
    yeah i've heard its great! i have so many games i need to play but all i can find myself doing is replaying persona 4. im just a terrible person i guess
    AW I'M GONNA CRY U SO SWEET. yiss. i am.

    dat's a TWEWY avatar now. still have to find a copy of that game. sdkfjdlks
    yesss! you have good taste ai-san <3 you're gonna be disappointed by how dull this place is, haha!
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