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  • I was browsin' through the rate the member's location thread, I thought I posted there once, and noticed a challenge of some type that you posted.

    Unless my memory is messed up, 3LDK is a very desireable house in Japan. Complete with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. That is my input on your member location.
    You exist only to mock my blatant femininity, it seems.

    Anyways, thank you for what (I think?) was a roundabout compliment.
    Now isn't a good time though, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be online. I do promise that I'll get to that the next opportunity, though.
    That will end once I leave this place, trust me. Then I can game all I want...or at least more than I'm able to now.
    It's good for ME, but I haven't played many games in my lifetime. I'm more of an academic overachiever than a gamer really. Sadly.
    Sweet! Jeez, I need to get my permit...really...*asd* And I hope you have fun ^.^

    I'm okay, been having less homework lately..so I know my teacher's are plotting something....*is paranoid* but I finally got working on Star Ocean 3 (yeah, I nvr have much time for vgs) and it's fun so ^.^
    How is it that I always see you on, but never get a chance to talk to you? lol.
    hey man. yeah, i used to have a faust avy and now i do again.

    you mentioning it has spurred me on again to get Faust.

    cheers for the friend request.
    I'm the same way much of the time, but once I develop an interest in the topic, I'm capable of churning out pages upon pages. Otherwise I don't bother with anything besides insults for idiots and their shitty posts.

    And lol mechanic. I'd rather say that I'm a multipurpose general craftsman and repairman, I know a little about everything.
    They don't really need a replacement for me, we already had three Other Media-specific mods, in addition to the rest of them, and that was really just too much. I do wish they had someone to maintain the Literature section, because that was my specialty, but again, there's not enough demand for it. I liked Discussion though, SERIUS THINKIN is alright with me, and you used to be able to have a good conversation without FEELING OF INFINITY everywhere.
    Discussion used to be excellent, and its destruction was really the biggest blow to me. Now it's full of Keystone and bawwwww, and that's just terrible.

    I like to think that I curbed the rampant Twilight shit in Literature, at least a bit. But who the hell cares about Literature anyways?
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