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Recent content by addicted_2_kh

  1. A


    Does anyone know where to get the download for this song for windows media player?
  2. A

    KH:CoM Manga??

    aww october is too far away!!! lol.....no seriously its only May....3 months!!!!
  3. A

    KH:CoM Manga??

    oh ok.....i have all of the kh ones(except vol. 4) and i saw th ekh:CoM on another website and i started freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!
  4. A

    KH:CoM Manga??

    Does anyone one know the release date in the US???
  5. A

    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Riku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes Mine!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. A

    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    NO RIKU IS MINE! My three picks Riku (kh1) Riku (kh:CoM) Riku (kh2) HA BEAT THAT!!!!!!
  7. A


    just a question who would have flowers as an attack? i would say probably Axel
  8. A

    This is for the people who beat kh2 no one else

    thats what thought but everyones saying its not i dont know what to believe now
  9. A

    something really cool in TT

    good theory
  10. A

    who do you think has the sadest since of style in kh2?

    umm.....Pete hes ugly and annoying!! lol
  11. A

    You Tube??

    does anyone know how to make movies and put them on you tube???
  12. A

    dissapointed with summons

    me either i usually use drive and thats it......chicken litttle is the worst fighter on mine...i havent even used genie or peter pan!!!
  13. A


    OHH thats how you do it!!!! im stuck at that part too!!
  14. A

    KH2 - Play Arts Figures

    well i like the others but im dissapointed in kairi!!