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    Silent Hill: Darkness of Alessa

    Hey everybody, I decided to post another fanfiction that I recently started on. Before anybody asks, no, I'm not stopping Destiny and Fate. I'm going to continue writing it, but I was trying to take a break from Destiny and Fate while I recover from being sick again. As a slight warning, this is...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Destiny and Fate (Rewrite)

    Yeah, I know that I posted this story a while back, sometime during the summer and I got some good suggestions and compliments on the first few chapters. Well, I decided to rewrite most of it and I changed some things in the first few chapters, so I thought that it might be easier to just post...
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    My Poems

    Well, I kind of seriously suck at writing poems, but some friends of mine thought that I should try to get some feedback on them. I know that they might be crappy, but I hope that I can at least get some helpful advice on what to do better from now on. Here's my first one that I wrote a while...
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    Kingdom Hearts: War on Light and Darkness

    Edit: Even though the rp has already started, people can still join as long as they read what's been posted first. Introduction: It has been 5 years since Sora finally defeated the Organization and returned to Destiny Islands. It was thought that everybody would be able to live in peace now...
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    Battle Between Shinobis

    A challenge to DragonKnightMatt. Rules: All normal rp and challenge rules apply. No judges needed. Location: One of Orochimaru's old bases that he had abadoned years ago. The battle will take place inside the base. There is debris everywhere, along with dead test subjects and documents...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Destiny and Fate

    Well here's a fanfiction of mine, that I started on like a year or two ago. I found it while I was going through some old documents and files, and even though it's not finished yet, I thought that I might as well post it. I typed it like a year or two ago, so don't be too harsh with criticism...