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  • question on the rp can i have a mage that uses instead of a staff buy energy blasts and beams
    if not how about spell creation not super strong just basic attack and defense for a 13 year old
    yeah I thought it was great!
    Hey would you like to consider joining a Yu-Gi-Oh roleplay ran by me,Light and magic? Lunar's in aslong as no motorbikes or egypt related BS is used. It's not gonna be used. So you wanna have a go?
    I know, I read it. It was cool. The seperate sections made it easier to organize, that's for sure. ^_^
    Hey what do you think I should do in soul eater? I don't kow myself...
    NOOOOO Its just suppose to be me! IM THE LORD OF A-- *shot* *as he falls dieing, he sees again as light is holding the gun* " Damn...y..io.u... .ligh...t..." *dies*
    SNOOPING AS USUAL, I SEE? (It's a meme joke. If you don't get it, ignore it. ^_^)

    Well, that could work, too. Do you intend to have Treska and the others rescue him? (Henry will be recovering at the DWMA, so Treska will be leader, according to Lunar) Or will he bust out?
    An epic battl with some guards, the maybe a "Reaper Blood" power or something? We hear Clarvessa mentioning it. Maybe her experiment should come back to bite her in the ass, Frankenstein-style?

    Just an idea. :)
    Ok...And after Scribbles next post, I can hav Treska and Gear rejoin everybody. :)

    The fight's over now....Just a small plot device needing tending to.
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