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    Woah, it's been awhile.

    Hey guys, I'm back. Seems like this place has changed quite a bit since I was here. I don't know how many of my old friends are still on here, but hopefully I'll find out. Anyway, if we haven't met before- I'm _Riku_. I'm an insane Riku fanGIRL. =P I also used to be obsessed with this forum...
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Leon and Cloud

    Alright, so I was doing the Hades Paradox Cup the other day, and I got one of the last seeds (40- something) and it was Leon and Cloud together. For the group of seeds that I was in, each one was timed and I only had a certain amount of time to defeat all the enemies. Leon and Cloud must've been...
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    Happy Birthday Sacred_Sora!

    Yes, today is one of my best friend's birthdays, and he most definitely deserved a thread. ^_^ Happy Birthday!!
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    Why are they dissapearing?

    Alright, hey, it's me again. The same person that asked for help with Bulky Vendors last time. So, basically I know all the places where Bulky Vendors can be found, and I've been going to them. The little window pops up and says "A rare heartless is in this area!" So, immediately I see a Bulky...
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    Bulky Vendors

    Alright, I'm really really close to completing my Synthesis notes, but I'm stuck because I'm in desperate need of Orchiculums (or however you spell it.) NOT Orchiculum+'s, just normal ones. I know that you get them from Bulky Vendors, but first off, I'd like to know where I can find Bulky...
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    Teriyaki Boyz

    Alright, I was browsing through the 'Soundtracks' section of the iTunes music store a few days ago, and I listened to a preview of a song from the movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." The song was called 'Tokyo Drift" and it was by a Japanese group of rappers called The Teriyaki Boyz...
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    Favorite Morning Talk Show

    Whenever I stay home from school, the only thing on TV is always morning talk shows. I end up watching a few of them. I'm sure I'm not alone. My favorite morning talk show is Regis and Kelly. What's yours?:p
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    Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

    My little brother found this random PS2 game called "Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy" at the bottom of a games clearance bin at Walmart last year for $10.00. Obviously, we were expected much from the game... So we started playing it, and it was actually a great game. The graphics are simply...
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    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    I was just curious.. Am I the only person that bought a GBA around Christmastime last year only to play CoM? Or did other people do that too? xD
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    Run's House

    Does anyone else watch/like this show? I like it because even though it's on MTV, it's different than all their reality shows because it's family-oriented. What do you guys think of it?
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    *+ The Battle Royale Fanclub +*

    The Battle Royale Fanclub Welcome to the BR fanclub: The club devoted to that insane Japanese movie where all those kids have to either kill or be killed. I've noticed that KHI is home to a few fans of this movie, so I thought it would be a great idea to start a fanclub. Anyone can join as...
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    Official "ZOMG IT'Z SUMMER" thread

    Oh yes, I'm sure there are a few of you out there just like me who just got out of school and all they can think/say is "ZOMG ITZ SUMMURR!" So, I made this thread so we can all rejoyce. ^_^
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    Hades Paradox Cup

    Ok, are there any special tips or tricks I could use to beat the Hades cup. I can't even get past like 30... when they make you have damage points. Just looking for tips. Thanks.
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    Write-a-caption #1

    Ok, this is just something simple, but I'm sure you'll find it entertaining. All you have to do is write a caption for this picture which means write what the characters could be saying or thinking. Just make sure that it's appropriate and somewhat humorous. Oh yeah, and one more thing: This...
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    2 Words: Mythril Stones?

    Ok, I've looked through the item guide and stuff, but I didn't see any heartless or nobodies that give off Mythril Stones. Maybe I was just stupid and missed them, but could someone please help me out?