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    The Wild.

    Everyone knows that Disney's, "The Wild" is just a clear copy of Dreamwork's, "Madagascar." Do any of you agree? Or, which do you think will end up being better?
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    Do any of you listen to Spoon?

    Spoon is a great band, two of their best albums are called "Kill the Moonlight" and "Gimmie Fiction." They have a great sound, if you like alternative rock. My favortie songs are probably "The way we get by" "I turn my camera on" and "The delicate place." I have both of the albums I mentioned...
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    Sean Paul.

    WHO DOESNT LOVE SEAN PAUL AND SASHA!?!? They are the greatest. wooo. :)
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    I'm new here too...I got into this whole thing from _Riku_ (friend in real life haha) and umm PM me if you wanna be friends :] (btw I'm *sorasmine* on the gallery.) :D