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  • From the previews they look it :d

    I just want to finish season two of Torchwood (on last episode, second season) before I watch the episode though.
    Before the world was born there was the core
    The core is a source of living flowing endless energy
    The core was believed to create the world and all life
    All life is tied to the core it is where life is born and where life returns when it dies
    When the core made the world it created people as well and they loved the core, worshiped it and light was born in them
    The light in there souls created a being known as Harmony
    Harmony loved her creators and rewarded them by bathing the world in light
    Everyone loved the light and for the time the world was at peace
    But after awhile people became greedy, some sought the light for themselves
    This greed created darkness within those people’s hearts
    There darkness created a being known as “Demise”
    People began to fight over the light, and the darkness in there hearts grew
    This creature of darkness “Demise” stood in the shadows between man as they bickered and slowing increased the darkness in there hearts
    Harmony sensing this tried to talk to the people but they did not heed her
    War broke out between people over the light
    The light that harmony had put over the world was become weakened and soon faded away
    The darkness had quickly consumed the world
    People questioned where the light had gone but it was too late
    The world was being consumed into darkness
    It wouldn’t be soon before everything would disappear even harmony herself

    this is all i got so far tell me what you think
    hey pokemon whats sup? would u mine looking at a concept for a story i'm been working on?
    e4 was beat with lvl 1
    lol took me a second to realize you were putting kiari then i noticed and was like "yeah...no" lol
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