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  1. 3keybladewielder

    Optional Missions in 358/2 Days

    you could just skip them and wait till u beat the game then they are all unlocked
  2. 3keybladewielder

    Riku & King Mickey?

    isn't the blindfold to keep riku as riku
  3. 3keybladewielder


    you know it brings another question when did saix go to co it shows in a scene of saix telling xion to say good bye to co for ever
  4. 3keybladewielder

    who beat the dustflier

    didn't u wonder y the bar didn't fill?
  5. 3keybladewielder

    who beat the dustflier

    eventua you do know the purebloods are just for hp if you need them instead of waste pots
  6. 3keybladewielder

    who beat the dustflier

    the guide book says to beat him once you get zero gear
  7. 3keybladewielder

    who beat the dustflier

    im a smart nerd :3 Mew Mew style! Mew Mew grace! Mew Mew power in your face!
  8. 3keybladewielder

    who beat the dustflier

    axel get zero dodge alot and use limit when you have it
  9. 3keybladewielder

    who beat the dustflier

    dude you can't beat dust unless you have zero gero alot of pots and heal magic bc he has alot of ?? attacks
  10. 3keybladewielder

    Who should have been the main character of Days

    how could axel if most of the stuff he knows he gets killed for by telling roxas/xion
  11. 3keybladewielder

    So... Xion's a puppet. Why the hell does she have a keyblade?

    it's fake bc of her being the imperfect replecia of sora and roxas she had there powers just not the full deal
  12. 3keybladewielder

    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    now that we have established that this is the days hate forum can we stop?
  13. 3keybladewielder

    Theory: Why the Gizmo Clock Gets Stuck at 6:54....and Other Stuff...

    *pats your shoulder like Xemmnas* no 1 will play 3dkh but us others will do 3d cod and wow
  14. 3keybladewielder

    Who has sora unlocked in days?

    sora is a fail >.< his limit sucks and to me pretty much his entire moveset is poopy