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  • He's died before... And keeps comin' back. He's a Zombeh drake! :3 Anywho, violence is a no-no 'round me.
    Well, as an american pup, kisses are reserved for crib-mates, family, and personal friends. OwO;
    Just watchin' some of the Silent Hill gameplay to give myself the creeps. The third isn't directly frightening, it's the fact that you can hear things long before you see em' that bugs me out.
    ohh really?? hehe well I'm Mexican so yeah.. it's stereotypical saying that they have a lot of children but.... i really sometimes do wish for some kind of sibling... :(
    aww really?? well if you ever get it to work then awesome... i really need people to play with.. :( i am an only child......
    well which ones?? if you have brawl or mario kart then tell me.. or that's all you have to say... :D
    hahaha i love hugging people... though i am a little sick right now.. best steer clear right now... :)
    haha okey dokey... :)
    hmm... damn i think i am heading out in a little bit... well not yet..
    well by beating missions... i think you can get some of the level things by either buying them or synthesizing... that's why backtracking is so important... :)
    umm... just level up or something right now.. you seem like you need more stuff anyways then..
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