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  • All of a sudden
    KXLB sleeps into darkness and has the strength of terra to make you lose your memories.
    KBL heartless: You know not, of what your dealing with!!!
    Darn you...
    KBL uses the heart unlocker on himself and cast off his body and soul.
    KBL's heartless
    Both wield the legacy key and have back up rubber suits and
    have rocks because rocks breaks scissors!!!:lol:
    I underlined the answer to your question.
    Anyway you bring your blowtorch or your flamethrower.
    I'll just bring my water hose
    Oh ya im working on my unbirth theory. I know you like the soul being ripped out of the body idea.

    And xehanort i think he is the DS i have already typed up the theory just waiting for Friday to post it because im busy during the weekday.
    Lets see you joined in December and have 267 posts and you need 733 posts
    While i have 1,155 and i need 1845
    Your on...XD
    Its cool you get new options like:
    Your name in red.
    You can close your own threads.
    Change the status under your username
    You can get a name change.
    Negarep people.

    All in all its great but im not going to stop at premium. Next is Platinum.
    Okay your not getting any.(just joking):lol:

    Not only that you get rep but you get mentioned in my sig.:cool:

    Its at least what i can do for your help.:57:
    lmao well whatever happens in 358/2 days is obviously important to the future story so who knows. And yeah I think so too.
    What do you think about the Terra=Xehanort theory?
    So what do you think about the Xion theories out there? I think they are kinda OUT there.
    Uhh.. I think he's evil judging from the secret ending. And he doesn't seem all good when he takes the uh "orb" from Ven. So yeah, I think he's evil lol. What do you think?
    LMAO He isn't black at ALL.
    He's just tan.
    And if the whole Xehanort=Terra theory is correct, that basically proves he isn't black.
    So there you go xD
    and another great thing is that we get hurricanes each year lol
    sooo.. enough florida talk
    what's up?
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