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    Habbo Hotel

    What do you all think of this?
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    When I login to the chat everyone on my ignore list gets ignored, TWICE. And everyone who has me on ignore, I get ignored as I walk in the Chat. I find this very annoying after 37 times. The ignoration usually provokes flames, EX: [Unrevealed Member]: GTFO 212. Is there anything anyone can do...
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    //In //Between// The //Lines//

    This is a litrate RP. You dont need to have skill, just need to be litrate and contribute to longevity. I expect one post every week from EVERYONE who joins up. Anyways rules are Morpho's rules. Post any templatte. EDITING LATER WITH STORYLINES.
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    Listen To 212

    [sora212]: Sorarox please GTFO. [The Lounge]: Soraroxrikusux05 has now left at 5:14 PM. Discuss now.
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    Auto Fail Sorry my "Newb" side got over me.
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    End of 212

    I am permanently taking my leave from KHI. My life is hectic and I am flooded with homework. Also I am using the computer in secrecy. (Which means I am grounded for 4 years.) Leave all 212 quotes,messages, or memorabilia here. Those I must speak to, I will see via MSN or Yahoo. Goodbye...
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    Dont Call Me A Whore

    Like the title says I am not an attention whore. I just need input. My computer is broken. I dont plan on fixing it for a month. What should I do? A: Leave KHI B: Fix the damn comp. C: Stay on KHI D: Take a break. I just need input.
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    Windows Is Stuck

    My windows is stuck loading. As soon as I start the computer It is okay until it begins to load. Windows is starting up is as far as I get. I am on my mom's computer. Please help.
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    Destiny Called me back.

    Destiny Called me back. So here I am. I am back and reinvented. With this newfound intelligence I am officially back and running. If any questions PM me as soon as possible.
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    I just looked at the time. It was 2:12. So I declare 2:12 my official time for a stupid act. Act 01:
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    Delete a website

    How can I delete a website from being acessed on my web browser? I need to delete a website called My sister visits it frequently. I think she is a virus prone. I use IE explorer 6
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    Fortune Telling

    I will tell anyone's future. Just post what you want me to fortell.
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    Ss Goku V.s Naruto (kyuubi Level 1)

    Who would win in this clash of titans. Back up those facts. Naruto would win. Kyuubi 1 tail = SS3 Goku Rasengan= Spirit Bomb Uzumaki Mirage= Super Dragon Fist Naruto won hands down.
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    Cs2 Issue

    I have photoshop CS2. I was checking my hard drive to delete useless crap. I accidentally deleted the whole help center of cs2 and I deleted the filter gallery. Tell me how to get them back please.
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    Banned in Chat

    I was banned fromm chat today due to a certain member convincing a moderator that I posted porn images. I did no such thing. If I am forced to mention the mod's name I will. I was wrongly banned. This is wrong. I demand I be un-banned and that this judgemental mod be dealt with.