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Recent content by 2 quid is good

  1. 2 quid is good

    News ► The World Ends With You x SuperGroupies Collaboration Announced

    Man I really loved all the KH watches and am still annoyed at myself for not getting the Roxas one, but I'm not a huge fan of that record type watch, I think other one looks pretty cool though, but personally I'd prefer something a little more subtle. Then again, I can't deny it's totally TWEWYs...
  2. 2 quid is good

    News ► The official TWEWY - The Animation website updates with character art and descriptions

    There was a point in the live stream where my mood went severely down when I heard CG, but then the trailer looked so damn good it totally reassured me
  3. 2 quid is good

    Streaming The World Ends With You with Jesse David Corti (voice of Neku)

    Oh man that's so cool, I hope he still voices Neku for the anime
  4. 2 quid is good

    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said better, but I think it's hilarious you consider Bernie Sanders to be Venezuelan levels of left. You are blinkered sir, Bernie's political stance is very much slightly left of centre. Just because America's entire political spectrum is situated...
  5. 2 quid is good

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory rated E10+ by ESRB

    This is all I got from it too haha
  6. 2 quid is good

    News ► The World Ends With You "The Animation" website opens

    Ahh well, that's fair enough
  7. 2 quid is good

    News ► The World Ends With You "The Animation" website opens

    Is it really wise for him to have so much on his plate?
  8. 2 quid is good

    On what Console will you buy Melody of Memory?

    PS4, It's all I own There's a lot they shouldn't have taken out of it, I only hope they add IR features for their Switch Heavy
  9. 2 quid is good

    What characters do you want to be playable?

    If we're using the old models then please give me one last chance to see sexy KH2 Leon
  10. 2 quid is good

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    Pretty sure it was the delivery of one of her lines talking about her "alleged" amnesia way back in KH1s tutorial. Made it seem like she was lying or are at the least hiding something.
  11. 2 quid is good

    That's really helpful of you :3

    That's really helpful of you :3
  12. 2 quid is good

    Aww that's really sweet of you Baymax, I appreciate it! But I try to keep this picture mostly...

    Aww that's really sweet of you Baymax, I appreciate it! But I try to keep this picture mostly because I can't find this gif in higher quality anywhere >.< so I live with it being pixelated and tiny, I've saved this tho if I ever want to change Thank you man!
  13. 2 quid is good

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    I like the story here leagues more than UX, but it is grindy as HELL Nomura heard us complaining about how nobody dies and killed off 13 new characters all at once LMAO
  14. 2 quid is good

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory English Website Opens

    Please tell me I wasn't the only one that thought we would be getting theatrythm models for the whole cast when they saw the trailer, also, those renders are too cute
  15. 2 quid is good

    Why does this game exist

    I put it in speech marks for a reason EDIT: Okay I did not put it in speech marks but I thought I did, this is why we don't type on phones kids