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    Square Enix General

    I refuse to believe this is happening, this would be terrible and square aren't in a bad position where they would desire a buyout. Plus why would they want to be Sony exclusive when they make so many games for Nintendo?
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    Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts 4, Missing-Link, and Dark Road in extended Famitsu interview

    I think collectively we've all just become stupider
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    TV ► ATLA/Legend of Korra | Avatar Studios launches, headed by Bryan and Michael, to create animated feature film

    TOPH I LOVE YOU Regardless of anything else, at least every piece of avatar media gets Toph's personality right
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    Relig/Philo ► Organized religion is a problem

    I was taking issue with your blanket statements towards the end of your post regarding religion
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    Relig/Philo ► Organized religion is a problem

    :rolleyes: It's okay for you to be consistently rude as long as you feel good about it afterwards, I see how it is now EDIT: To address the thread of the title: Organised religion is not a problem. Organised anything is inherently not a problem (unless it's fascism or something). What is a...
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    Relig/Philo ► Organized religion is a problem

    I do get where you're coming from, and I don't disagree but your manner of conveying your point is apalling and pretty rude and offensive. I've made it a point to simply not interact much at all on this topic with people who have juvenile views on religion. With regards to this specific case -...
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    Kingdom Hearts V-CAST Game Files Ripped

    This has been a fantastic saga to witness, keep at it everyone!
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    Relig/Philo ► Organized religion is a problem

    Didn't realise this was r/im14andthisisdeep Or alternatively, r/atheism. This isn't the first time you've posted a thread with a good point that's surrounded by layers of utterly ridiculous thinking.
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    Several Western Square Enix Studios Acquired by Embracer Group

    Honestly I don't see how this is a win. Eidos is practically Square Enix Europe, now what do they have coming from the continent? Other than some shovelware phone games I guess. Also the price was insanely cheap... Are Square in financial difficulty or something or do they just really hate their...
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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    LOL that makes it even worse
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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    Has it not been confirmed? Ahh I've heard it propagated so much I guess I just assumed it was true
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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    Nah but that Sora was conjured through Kairi's memories of Sora, it was actually Kairi doing all the work which is what people like to fall back on whennyou criticise that particular aspect of MoM's final boss fight. I can't BELIEVE that this level of utter shenaningannery is what KH's lore has...
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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    The ultimania comment is so dumb, and the "KH3 only takes place a week after KH2" claim the game makes is also so dumb. I don't care what canon says, it makes me irrationally annoyed that the game tries to tell us HPO are on the same summer holiday as KH2. Yanno, the same summer holiday that was...
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    I've said for a while that if anything, I would prefer Utada's last work for KH to be KH3, seeing as it is the end of a pretty long saga. It would feel better than her just randomly leaving halfway through a new one but I'm not gonna complain about more songs either. Dearly Beloved can't go tho...