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    Martian Successor Nadesico

    Has anyone here ever seen this anime? My teacher lent me the complete series (yes, my teacher is awesome) and I liked it so much I watched the whole thing in a day. I highly recommend this anime to anyone who's looking for something new.
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    PS3 GH3 DLC Petition

    Its not just about the DLC, the PS3 users are getting shafted left and right. First the online barley works, the guitar is worse than the 360's, and the 360 is getting exclusive DLC. We, the PS3 users, paid the same price for the game and we should be treated with the same experience. Sign if...
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    ok I know this is a stupid question and feal free to flame me but in the beging of the first kingdom hearts leon said that heartless are those without hearts right? if thats true why is it that every time I kill one a heart pops out of the body and when I kill a nobodie nothing comes out? :confused:
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    yo moma

    how many of you guys has seen the show on tv?
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    ok I know Namura said there wouldnt me much of a different between the U.S. and japan version of the game but I just want to make sure so if you have the game can you tell me if theres any extras in the game?
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    Kingdom Hearts: com movie

    ok I was surfing the web and then I went to and they have a chain of memeries movie riped from the game featureing all the key seans. so if you did play CoM and want to know what happens just download the movie. NOTE: the movie is 3 hours long so it will take a while to...
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    serenity now

    this movie is about the death of a girl she loved to play wow they held a funeral in WoW and a raid party related to the guld serenity now bombed it its funnier than it sounds:D
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    new flash

    heres a flash I saw on the net yesterday
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    how many times have you beat kingdom hearts

    I only beat it 2x one on normal and another on expert. Im going throught it a 3rd time now and that about 110 hours of gameplay
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    Devil May Cry 3, Onimusha, and Resident Evil 4 coming to the pc

    I think this is a bad idea. Im mean DMC and onimusha are action games and probly wont feal has fluid as it did on the consels. and the controls for resident evil 4 may work but first it was gamecube only then it went to the ps2 and computer. well heres a link...
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    video game reviews teams

    heres a list of games I reviewed and games Im going to. Im going to pick a few members (2 or 3) to make a review team and were going to well review games but they will get paid in rpg money. heres a few I made post here if you want to join. I would also like to point out that the opinions in the...
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    where's waldo?

    I have been looking at this picture for a while now but I cant seem find him. can you find waldo
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    **SPOILER** Cloud vs Sephiroth video (HQ) well I have a few question 1. what happened to cloud and spehiorth in the end 2. why is how is sora in his final form 3. why is sora just sitting there while cloud is...
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    take this color test and see how well you do. I only got 4 out of 10 tho :=( Im blind
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    help me out

    I have been staring at this for a while now and I still can't find the difference between these 2 pics. Can you guys help me out? :confused: