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  • ロクさん~ お元気ですか?

    Just dropping by to say hello~ perhaps because I've got nothing to do? XD
    Hahahah :D I'm glad you like my artworks. There will be more, but for now I'm focusing on some other work. Thank you for checking it out Roxas ^u^ I made Aqua and Terra, and Ventus will come out soon...
    ね〜ロクサス! Here's the gallery I mentioned Blu3berryStar (Jesslyn) on deviantART. You can feel free to look it up ^^ everything is in high resolution.
    So this is the paragraph that I would like you to check:


    Please let me know if there's something that I wrote wrong. Thank you, Rox! :D
    You're very welcome. I hope you will make yourself comfortable here. :)

    Oh, if you want to reply to my messages, click on "View Conversation" first before posting. That way, your message will be posted on my page. That will also give me a notification so that I know that you've replied.

    Hi Ruen^▽^)/ Thank you for welcoming me and Tigger =D I've just made one last night but I have not read how to use this yet. Hope I can get along with all of you☆^▽^)人(^▽^ よろしくね♪
    Hey there, Roxas-san, I'm Reun! I'm surprised to know that you registered here! キングダムハーツインサイダーへようこそ!^_^
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