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  • haha yup! [im waiting for then english version, not enough money to import it since it's 60$ >~>]
    Yep Aqua is also very pretty :D

    Oooh! Lol! I thought it sounded more like "Master Star" >~>

    Ohhh.. Jamaal? Is that from India? O: Cool name!
    Ahh ! I love the updates x) I was like that when I first joined XDD I was a huge noob. lol. Well come ask me if you have any :]
    ahh, makkusujaaru? O: i see you like org.13? xDD

    here are some tips about the forums:
    -don't spam, double post, ect. xD
    -don't be mean, [i know a lot of people on here are, but just try not to join the "bandwagon" and your experience can be much better :D]
    -don't take things too personally [as i said, ppl here are sort of mean >XO but don't try making arguments and stuff,]
    -try not to use so many smilies [you'll see when you post/quote someone/make a thread] and try not to use so many !!!!@@#?#?!R%<!?! exclamation marks and stuff XDD try writing the way you are now! all polite and correctly! :DD

    i hope these tips might serve helpful for you! xDD
    thank you very much for listening!! :DDD

    here to help! -[naho]Aqua.!! :D
    Hah just eating some nutella. Well I like talking to people a lot xDD but then sometimes i don't like talking to people lol i don't know why.
    welcome to khi by the way!! :D if you have any questions feel free to ask me! XDD
    is this your first time on a forum? O:
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