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  • Oh no problem, credit is where credit is due. And that's completely understandable; take your time :) focusing on school is the main thing.
    I'm glad you took notice ;3 it's not a problem, you deserved it--and if I haven't commented before, your artwork is fantastic.
    True. The only problem is that they conflict so much. I think he was in his right after he posted, but not his first. And same for Kairy, in her right the first times she posted, but not afterward.
    Mm. I'm tired of stepping in and being the nice lady who mediates, I really am. I think there's too many people on both extremes: those who can't crit kindly (Proline) and those who can't handles crit. Yay art on the net.
    is this story taking place in a more victorian theme
    NVM you did say Sweeny Todd
    good night
    no, i love that style.
    Like old Tim Burton and films
    with the dark eerie fantasy feel.
    Pan's Labyrinth
    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
    that's cool
    you always have to keep on top of personal projects
    and thanx
    i'll try the art school thing
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