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  • i see, think carefully because once you change it, you wont be able to do it again O_O
    hehehehe nah, if i did well at least he learn not to make stupid stuff or he'll get attacked again XD
    indeed so thats why i went easy on him,and yeah when you get that many nega-rep you'll just get attack without a reason since they'll think your bad XD
    aww snap... you sent me a comment... I didn't see it until today... sorry

    If you want to join the Kairi HC then all you have to do is go there and ask to join... they really aren't all that picky and much like Anagram said they will probably rave over your Kairi Drive.
    yeah i know but hey i still went easy on him and what i said was true.
    if he doesnt do things better he'll get hated like hell XD
    nope, incognito-title the ghost.
    u get to make ur own titles as premuim and change ur name.
    yup, not sure y.
    says something like i tried to go or post somethin i shouldnt :p
    it be possible to reactivate it but things like that r sent to ur current email and the 1 i had at the time wasnt good.
    u'd think different if ur premium member account which u had worked 3 months to get got disabled while u were changing email addresses.
    exactly, besides i dont think post counts go up anymore outside kh series.
    (is tryin to get premium member status back)
    most clubs r, though ur kairi drive would make popular there XD
    it was started by smile, she hates kairi with a passion :p
    just c if she can get u in.
    usally all u do is go and ask to be a member, but that club has like half this site 4 members.
    You know im not really sure... someone hacked it and left no trace of evidence of who it was.
    Its ok I thought it was because of that thread where everyone was harassing me and it drove me nuts.
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