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  • Uhhh you made two spelling errors in your last post if you wanna check that out. Just pointing it out.
    Well, anything interesting happening at school? Are you like in any extra curricular activities?
    I am use to it now don`t worry. I am tired of the ds right now anyways. I need a video game break I think. Wow cannot believe I said that but it is the truth XD Can I perhaps come over there? I love that couch.
    I don`t think it does really....well only a little bit. Just a little bit. Okay so who is going where?
    Well it is true XD It kinda is that way.
    Oh makes me miss band a bit.
    Thank you XP It will be honor to touch your shiny plume. Oh gosh that sounds odd....
    No one can wait for it to come out. Oh please do not put that image in my head.
    No your plume is way better XP What do they look like now?
    Yeah I noticed.
    Oh football season. I do not really miss it XD Only the fun we had at the games. Haha plumes.
    I was supposed to, but just as the procrastinator I am. I must wait for next semester again. xD
    Hey there. Managed to finally get on the computer for a bit. Wondering why you have not texted back. I guess you are just busy. Hope to hear from you soon. Do not think I can stay on here much longer. It is kinda hurting my head more.
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