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  • Heh, you should maybe look into graphic design, if you would think you'd like it. Who knows, you may be very good at it! :D
    I suck at drawing! Well, I suppose it takes practice, but well I never seemed to improve either way. So I don't really know about that. xD
    Okay I will be there in exactly the amount of time it will take me to run to wherever you are. XD *has no clue where you are*
    Want me to come over and make you all hyper?! 8D

    EDIT:Oh lol that sounded odd
    Aww that kinda sucks!
    Yeah I know!!!! But that is how I have been all day XD With pretty much that exact face.
    Ao no Exorcist is making me crazy hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh yeah I knew one of those guys looked familiar.
    You like have to scream when you are at a football game. It is a requirement. This is how I have been all day.

    Yeah!!!! Bubblegum flavored!
    What is that from?
    This is kinda how I feel today
    Lol you can find them on google images! You can only see them move if you click on them.
    I feel like randomly sending you a message so here is the random message.

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