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Antiquated Decorations These awards were once given out but are now retired.
Ifrit's Gauntlet
Successfully completed the Ifrit's Gauntlet challenge Original Quest for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.
Total awarded: 7
Shiva's Gauntlet
Successfully completed the Shiva's Gauntlet challenge Original Quest for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.
Total awarded: 4
Hottest of the Hot 2010 - Female Division
Winner of the females division of the annual Hottest of the Hot contest for 2010. Proving that there actually are women on the internet, this female specimen is the forum's best beauty. Look forward to being e-stalked for the rest of your existence.
Total awarded: 1
Hottest of the Hot 2010 - Male Division
Winner of the males division of the annual Hottest of the Hot contest for 2010. This male specimen shows that the handsome do exist on KHInsider, much to the shock of the staff. Doomed to be assassinated by the icy stares of lonely neckbeards lurking Intelligent Discussion.
Total awarded: 1
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - Launch Event Winner
This award goes to the winner of KHInsider's Kingdom Hearts Re:coded launch event giveaway and recipient of 1000 DSi points! Among the many entries, this essayist was chosen for their artful recollection of which Kingdom Hearts franchise character they identified the most with. Congrats!
Total awarded: 1
Halloween 2012 Costume Contest
"High fructose corn syrup is fine", they said. "Sugar is sugar", even! Excited by your decisive victory in the costume contest, you engorge yourself with saccharine sweets. However, as your stomach writhes in pain and your eyes glaze over, you realize it's too late -- that you will join the ranks of The Walking Fed: shambling Halloween horrors hell-bent on devouring anything and eveything for sugar. BAD END.
Total awarded: 1
Holiday 2012
Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah! The winner of this Kingdom Hearts Insider holiday award showed us their Spirit without giving us a Nightmare. Huzzah! If you didn't make the cut, don't despair -- the holidays are but only a year away. (Please look forward to it.)
Total awarded: 1
Academy Awards 2013
It's time for the KHI Academy Awards! The glamour! The glitz! None of that involved here! Members vote for their favorite member's performance in categories such as Friendliest Member, Funniest Member, and Member of the Year.
Total awarded: 16
2013 Roleplaying Awards
These people mightn't be around long enough for the Alter Ego award, but they've still demonstrated themselves to be some of the best KHI's roleplaying section has to offer. Whether you've been voted in at annual awards, conquered an event, or started your very own program in the section, you've gone above and beyond in roleplaying.
Total awarded: 11
Holiday 2013 Contest
Happy Holidays! This holiday season we had so many talented entrants that we couldn't help but give out multiple awards to celebrate the season!
Total awarded: 4
2Spooky 4 Halloween
This award goes to our yearly Halloween contest winners. This award is cautionary, as we fear our awardee may never take off their Halloween costume after being so generously rewarded.
Total awarded: 1