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Data Naminé

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Iku Nakahara 
English Voice Actor: Meaghan Jette Martin

The driving force behind the events of Coded, Data Naminé is the one responsible for writing the message ‘We must free them of their torment'. While piecing together Sora's scattered memories during the Keyblade wielder's year long sleep, the real Namine found a hidden memory deep within Sora's heart, one so full of torment, it could break if not handled with caution. To understand this torment, Naminé placed the memory within the Journal, unaware that doing so would create the Bugs, and thus manipulates events so that King Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Data Sora would work together to learn more about this torment.

As an artificial being made from data, Data Naminé exists only to convey a message: Sora's ability to accept pain no matter whose is it, is the key to the fulfillment of his destiny: To free those who have intimate connections to his heart from their torment. Satisfied that her role is complete, Data Naminé resigns herself to being erased. She can finally be at peace when she receives a 'Thank you' from Data Sora, a long overdue appreciation for everything she has done for him.

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