Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Disney Town

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (2010)


The earliest protagonist to arrive on the world, Terra immediately notices the presence of Unversed at a race course, but before he can pursue them, narrowly avoids being run over by a disguised Pete thanks to a stranger's warning. Recovering from the close encounter, Terra speaks with Queen Minnie, Chip and Dale off the course before they are interrupted by the malevolent Captain Dark, a rule-breaking regular of the circuit. When Terra stresses his need to eliminate the Unversed, Chip suggests Terra enters into the race himself to take them out.

Defeating his opponent through speed and vehicular combat, Terra's victory is followed by a petulant Captain Dark departing, promising revenge. Afterwards, Queen Minnie explains to Terra the current big event in Disney Town: The Dream Festival, in the entire of the citizenry vote for their most commendable member, who receives the Million Dreams Award. They also explain to Terra why Pete acts as he does, dressing up and alternating between a rogue and supposed hero: He seeks, through these dual identities, to better his chances at winning the award, though his efforts totally miss the point of the award. As Chip and Dale commend Terra for his worthiness of the award for his taking care of Pete, the keyblader acknowledges his own gain out of the encounter - though faced with darkness, he needn't plunge into it.


The second entrant into the world, similar to Terra, is greeted by Pete, this time costumed as the heroic Captain Justice. Pete's obtrusive offers to help solve Ven's issues are met with the simple request to inform the keyblader of the town itself, and through this Ven learns of the Dream Festival and the presence - though not type - of festivities that are a part of it.

Exploring more of the town, Ven comes across Captain Justice once more, with him, Queen Minnie, Huey, Dewey and Louie examining the three sibling's ice cream machine. Captain Justice insists upon the severity of the catastrophe that has befallen the three, though the boys simply lacked the proper insight to develop their own favourite flavour of ice cream. While the Captain attempts his moderately violent method of 'fixing' the apparatus, Ven extends his own offer of help - which is gladly accepted from all but Captain Justice - and with the assistance of Huey, Dewey and Louie is able to formulate their sought-after flavour.


Like Ven, Aqua arrives in Disney Town to be greeted by Pete in the guise of Captain Justice, obtrusively eager to help with any 'catastrophes'. He seems in luck when a haggard Horace Horsecollar comes stumbling near, declaring Fruitball Plaza to be under assault by monsters. Despite his insistence of being a 'bona fide hero', Captain Justice conveniently finds another important task to distract himself from fighting monsters, and when he departs, Aqua offers her own help.

Aqua beats the Fruitball-playing Unversed at their own game, clearing out the plaza in the process. Horace and Queen Minnie greet Aqua and thank her for her efforts and although heartened by the keyblader's efforts, Her Majesty still worries about her protection of the town since the king departed.


The Million Dreams Award ceremony commences some time after all three heroes have aided the town, and for this year, the Million Dreams Award has multiple recipients: Terra, Aqua and Ven. An upset Captain Justice runs onto the stage in the town square, declaring his certainty that all had voted for him, but when this ruse fails, he covertly switches costumes to that of Captain Dark and demands Queen Minnie give it to him. Her Majesty refuses, and summons her guards - animated broomsticks - to take him away.

Later on, Pete is witnessed to be stuck in a dark abyss with no way of escaping, until the voice of Maleficent promises him freedom in return for servitude. Pete gladly agrees, and as he proceeds through an opened portal of darkness, Maleficent's laying claim to all worlds echoes through the abyss.

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